Box art - Stormfall: Rise of Balur

Stormfall: Rise of Balur iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Keep your resource production buildings always upgraded. Your gold, food, and iron supplies will depends solely on them.

As in most strategies when you upgrade them you increase their production rate and their maximum storage capacity.

All of your resources won’t be any use if you don’t have a place for them to stay so upgrade the warehouses and barns.

When ever you can make use of Lost Arts tower where you can research the fabled lost arts here, which acts like a skill tree. For each art you research, you’ll unlock a variety of bonuses, such as passive upgrades and new units.

You can keep valuable troops in the catacombs. You can also store a small amount of resources as well.

Keep in mind that when a unit is in the catacombs, it is completely protected from attack but it can not attack others as well.

Join a league as early as you can. They are large groups of players working under one banner pledged to help each other out with resources or attacks and defenses.