Can you fix Xbox Series X|S game captures looking too dark?

The revised Xbox Series X|S controller features a dedicated capture button, encouraging gamers to take more screenshots and videos. While that’s convenient and all, early next-gen Xbox adopters are finding that captures appear dark and murky. Naturally, those affected are seeking an easy fix for their Xbox Series X|S game captures looking too dark. Here’s the need-to-know on fixing screenshots and videos captured using the new Xbox consoles.

Is there an Xbox Series X|S dark game captures fix?

Xbox Series X|S game captures looking too dark

After splashing the cash on a shiny new Xbox Series X|S console, lots of users will want to show the graphics off to their friends. For many, the current world climate prevents doing so in person, but the built-in capture features should be a handy way around that. Unfortunately, showcasing washed out lighting and colors in Xbox Series X|S captures isn’t going to get the desired result. So, is there a way to show off the smokin’ hot (literally) next-gen Xbox Series X|S visuals in all their glory?

The Xbox Series X|S dark game captures issue affects titles using HDR. Disabling the high dynamic range option(s) within a game or directly via the TV settings is the only current workaround.

Although that isn’t ideal, Microsoft is aware of the issue and working on a dedicated Xbox Series X|S dark game captures fix said to be “coming soon in a future console update.”

Disabling HDR will result in lower quality captures, but it’s the best available solution. When it comes to Xbox Series X|S game captures looking too dark, the only current options are to disable high dynamic range or wait for the upcoming console patch.

As is often the case when it comes to early hardware adoption, Xbox Series X|S capture issues aren’t the only thing plaguing new users. The EA Play app doesn’t work on Series X|S, though, in that case, there’s an effective workaround. Perhaps more worryingly, some users are encountering a flickering screen bug.