1001 Spikes Wii U Cheats

General Tips
  • You'll want to stand still at times to learn the layout of the level. Be careful though, as plenty of blocks have spikes that pop out when you stand on them.
  • Planning a course of action before trying something is a good idea if you find a safe spot to rest. Some of the later levels are like puzzles with their solutions.
  • Don't worry about the Golden Skulls immediately. You can always revisit levels later. Just worry about progress initially.
  • Practice your timing with the projectile weapon. There will be times when you need to shoot in sync with a statue that shoot as well. These are some of the tougher sections in the first half of the game.
  • Keep an eye out for moveable blocks. They often blend in with the environment and make a seemingly impossible level possible.
  • Some of the levels with moving platforms require careful timing. This means you may have to go fast, if you want easier patterns. Just be careful when you pick up the pace, as plenty can go wrong.



These costumes are only for the protagonist Aban.

  • Adventure: Allows Aban to grab ledges.
  • Antarctic: Gives Aban an orange parka.
  • Fighter: Aban shoots an energy blast and looks like Ryu or Ken from Street Fighter.
  • Knight: Aban now wears armor, which allows him to take two hits before dying. Also, he throws a sword instead of daggers.
  • Ninja: Aban wears a ninja costume, throws shurikens, and can jump on walls. A reference to the Ninja Gaiden series.
  • Slayer: Aban gets a chain/whip, much like Simon from Castlevania.

Game Modes

  • 1001 Spikes: The main mode with a series of devious levels. This can be played cooperatively with a friend.
  • The Golden Vase: A competitive multiplayer mode in which players pick up and hold the Golden Vase. Holding the vase results in more coins, and the player with the most coins wins.
  • Tower of Nannar: Unlocked by collecting 5 Golden Skulls. Players cooperatively work their way to the top of the towers, which conclude with boss fights.
  • The Lost Levels: Unlocked by collecting 10 Golden Skulls. A four-player cooperative mode which features even harder levels than the main campaign.

Easter Egg: Pokemon Reference

After you clear the first world, a long cutscene follows. Aban will talk about the temple of Poko-mum and mistakenly refer to it as Pocket Monster, which was the original name for Pokemon.