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How long is Bugsnax? Time to beat, complete story, and collect everything

How long is Bugsnax? The adventure game is not one of the PS5’s lengthiest launch games, with it being a short experience that is easy to breeze through if you’re not focusing on the side-missions. However, with the game also encouraging you to go out and catch as many Bugsnax as possible, there is still a lot to do outside of the main story. But how long does it take to beat the story, its side-missions, and collect everything?

How long is the Bugsnax story?

BUGSNAX time to beat and collect everything

The Bugsnax story is approximately 4–5 hours long, without side-missions factored into it. This will take players through nine different locations on its map, only stopping to catch the Bugsnak creatures required to further progress.

The main story requires no grinding and will only see you catching the Bugsnak creatures that you’ll need. You’ll complete missions for the other Grumpuses, as you work your way towards finding out the mystery of Snaktooth Island.

How long to complete Bugsnax and its side-missions?

To complete Bugsnax and its side-missions, it will take approximately 7–8 hours to beat. This will see you completing the variety of missions from the other Grumpuses, who are all located in Snakburg.

Completing all of these side-missions is reliant on you finding every Grumpus in the game, which will require you to progress through the main story. Some side-missions are also only available after a set period of time, so players will have to cycle through in-game days by sleeping or waiting out the time.

How long to collect everything in Bugsnax

Players can expect it to take around 12–14 hours to complete everything in Bugsnax. Collecting all Bugsnak creatures will take a lengthy amount of time, with video tapes also adding to the list of collectibles. Collecting all of them can only be achieved by completing many of the side-missions, and advancing through to the story to unlock its complete map.