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WWE Immortals iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Unlimited Stamina

- Are you tired of waiting for your favorite wrestler's stamina bar to regenerate over time? Well, all you need to do is to set the date on your phone or tablet ahead by a day while in-game and you'll see the stamina bar recover to full. Every now and then, of course, roll back your phone's date to the proper date. You can use this trick indefinitely until the developers patch it out somehow.

Focus on Gold Wrestlers

- Gold-tier wrestlers are superior to Bronze- and Silver-level wrestlers by quite a ways. Along with the better passive abilities, every level up for a Gold-tier wrestler gives much more max strength and power, and cumulatively, it adds up quickly. Just as point of comparison a Level 18 Daniel Bryan Gold has 3,420 power and 3,740 health, whereas a Level 17 Daniel Bryan Gold has 875 Power and 882 Health.

Grinding for Gold Wrestlers

- The Gold booster pack costs 75,000 coins which is offered once a day (the normal Gold pack costs 100,000 coins). I know it will take a lot of patience to skip out on the Bronze and Silver packs, but shoot for the Gold pack as soon as possible. The best grind spots are the third and fourth challenge ladders in the second group which offer about 400-500 coins per 2 stamina. But as you level your Gold wrestlers, you will likely find a better spot as you expediently move up the ladder.

Turtle Strategy

- Blocking (holding two fingers on the screen) only mitigates a portion of incoming damage, so it might not seem terribly important. But winning a match tends to revolve around not allowing your opponent to land their signature and finisher moves on you. This is easier said than done because signatures and finishers have invincibility wind-ups that make your character's attacks useless and vulnerable. At the same time, you'll want to land as many of your signatures and finishers without being blocks.

So if the opponent has a bar of adrenaline, I recommend blocking indefinitely until the opponent attacks. This will typically bait the opponent into wasting his or her signature or finisher. If that doesn't happen, then you can wait for your opponent to finish their attack string and while they recover, you have a free opening to do anything you want. It's essentially a guaranteed signature or finisher so long as you use it within that window of opportunity.

The opponent also has a nasty habit of switching in a character and immediately using a signature or finisher. So be on the lookout for those if you can help it.

Energy Mitigation and Control

- Every hit on an opponent gives a small boost to their adrenaline meter, so just be wary about this. For instance, Giant Big Show's Signature 1 is a multi-hit attack that doesn't do that much damage, but gives the opponent at least a half bar of adrenaline. It's better to use his Signature 2 which does a lot more damage and doesn't give the opponent that much adrenaline since it's a single-hit. By that token, look to use heavy attacks more often than light attacks. Even if your opponent hits you with a flurry of light taps, your adrenaline will fill fast.

Of course, attacks that drain adrenaline are key. Dark Sorceress Paige's Signature 1 and Yes! Movement Daniel Bryan's Signature 2 are two examples of attacks that drain adrenaline, making the battle safer and more firmly in your control.

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Other Tips and Tricks

- Attacking wins matches. Might be better to use quick attacks (one tap) then special move if possible. With powerful attacks, you are slower and you'll easily miss special moves when they appear on the screen.

Learn your wrestlers’ Adrenaline Rush Moves and others as well. Some wrestlers come with an “adrenaline drain” after performing their Rush move. Use it to your advantage since it eats up a ton of your opponent’s Adrenaline meter.

As in most direct style fighting games it's important to learn to block attacks. You can even block special moves.

Watch Adrenaline for when the bar is almost full as it often means he'll be ready for Rush move. Get in your defense mode ready for it and then counter attack.

Look out to block incoming tags since as soon as a new wrestler comes into play, they will use a special attack.

Once you gather army of wrestlers it's time for some tactics. check out who the allies and the rivals of the wrestlers in your team are and start experimenting, tagging them together, for the best results.

Keep in mind allies increase health and defense, while rivals decrease defense but increase the adrenaline fill meter.

Need we mention how important is to upgrade your wrestlers!? You can upgrade them with cards that you buy from the store or directly spend coins upgrading them.

Complete the daily quests in online modes for rewards and quick progress through the levels.

As in most game the easiest way to level up your wrestlers is to play the easier stages over and over again.