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Does Black Ops: Cold War bring a new Warzone map?

Warzone is one of the biggest hits to come out of the Call of Duty series in a long time. Make no mistake, Call of Duty is popular, but a free-to-play battle royale just hits all the right marks. Still, dedicated players are by now well familiar with the Warzone map. Given the upcoming release of Black Ops: Cold War, the next question is obvious: Will there be a new Warzone map?

Will Black Ops: Cold War introduce a new Warzone map?

Will Black Ops Cold War introduce a new Warzone map?

Data mining efforts suggest there will be a new Warzone map following the release of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. This information first surfaced last October, but the details suggest the new Warzone map won’t land in-game until March of 2021.

As with so many data-mined leaks and rumors, none of this information has yet been confirmed by the developers. However, the leaks posted to ResetEra were pulled from files on the Black Ops Cold War beta installation. Specifically, the files were named with the “wz” prefix, marking them as files intended for Warzone.

These datamined files notably include wz_forest_loadingmovie and wz_ski_slopes_loadingmovie, two videos showcasing new areas. Those areas were featured in the Cold War multiplayer beta, but fans will recall that Modern Warfare 2019‘s Ground War maps were just cropped versions of the Warzone map. With all this in mind, it seems that wz_forest and wz_ski_slopes are smaller portions of a much larger map.

The final piece of the puzzle comes from Treyarch itself. Design Director David Vonderhaar has confirmed that Black Ops: Cold War will “bring Cold War into Warzone [and] vice versa.” Activision has also confirmed that Cold War will introduce themes, operators, and new weapons into Warzone. Neither team mentioned a map specifically, but all signs are pointing to Warzone getting a new location.

By all accounts, there will be a new Warzone map after Black Ops: Cold War releases. The only detail we’re missing is an actual release date. Still, you can expect several new changes coming to Warzone in the coming months. A new map is practically inevitable.