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Creature Academy iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

The main way to improve and upgrade your monsters is to enhance them using other, weaker characters as sacrifices.

For more monsters go to the My Team screen and hit “upgrade” and you can sacrifice any monster that is not in your current active party.

To gain more monsters go to any stage and play it through again to collect them.

To increase your fighters’ experience points go to old or new stages and grind for experience levels.

Adding as many friends as you possibly can you’ll earn friendship points. Those friends already added can send you points as well.

You can spend friendship points and gems on creature and gear chests in the shop.

It might be a clever thing to do to save up your gems for the best rewards like the rare creature chests.

Use your special attacks as often as possible.

Also save your “team up” until you get to the boss because you can only use those once per battle, so if you use it to early it will be completely wasted.