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Black Ops Cold War AFK Players | Why aren’t they getting kicked?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War AFK players appear to be getting away with it at the game’s launch. They aren’t getting kicked from matches. Away from keyboard players in online games are annoying, no matter what their reason for not doing anything might be. Here’s how to report AFK players in Black Ops Cold War.

How to report Black Ops Cold War AFK players

Black Ops Cold War AFK players

Rightly or wrongly, AFK players in CoD: Black Ops Cold War are not getting kicked from matches. This is leading to teammates standing still or simply not getting involved in different playlists. As the AFK players aren’t getting kicked, it seems as though they are using it to boost levels and/or get their K/D and W/L ratios down for better (easier) skill-based matchmaking lobbies.

Players cannot directly report other players from being AFK. It is possible, though, to report players for boosting. The comment box can be used for further clarification on the report. It can be hoped that with enough complaints online about AFK players, that Activision and Treyarch will do something about the problem.

Depending on who you ask, skill-based matchmaking either works or it does not. The game uses skill-based matchmaking in online multiplayer, which should team up groups of players at a similar skill-level to each other. This can be a hindrance to players who rely on high scores for YouTube videos and livestreaming.

As something of a protest, those who don’t like the system could be going AFK to send a message to the development team. Ultimately, though, Black Ops Cold War AFK players are ruining it for everyone else. It’s very difficult to win a round if one teammate is not taking part.

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