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Black Ops Cold War calling card bug fix

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War players are encountering a frustrating calling card bug. For whatever reason, the game just refuses to apply the card you choose. Every time a new one is picked, the calling card resets back to the default option. What can you do to fix the calling card bug? Read on to learn more.

Black Ops Cold War | How to fix calling card bug

Black Ops Cold War - How to fix calling card bug

The calling card bug in Black Ops: Cold War is an issue the developers are already aware of. While the team at Treyarch hasn’t issued a fix via patch just yet, there are some proposed workarounds. Many players state that the calling card bug is fixed by logging out and back in, while others suggest using alternate calling cards.

The first option is so simple that it’s worth a shot. Log out of your Call of Duty account, then log back in. After that, change your calling card to whatever you want. If the changes stick, then you’re one of the lucky few to get around the bug.

Alternatively, players on the Black Ops Cold War subreddit have suggested that only specific calling cards can be selected. For whatever reason, animated calling cards seem to work just fine. Of course, these are much rarer to get, so not everyone has them. If you’ve got one for yourself, try applying it and see what happens.

In case you’ve forgotten, your chosen cards can be applied in the Barracks from the multiplayer menu.

Unfortunately, these are the only options available until Treyarch issues a calling card bug fix. Black Ops: Cold War hasn’t been out for very long, so a few glitches here and there aren’t unusual. Of course, the entire Call of Duty series has been prone to little nuisances like this, and most of them get resolved over time. Otherwise, you can simply embrace the bug and sport the default card just like everyone else.