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Destiny 2 Lament Blade Pieces Location | Find blade pieces in Glassway strike

One of the steps in the new Lost Lament quest in Destiny 2 is to find the blade pieces in The Glassway strike. Players must locate these pieces of the blade as part of the step “Rescue the Past.” Unfortunately, there’s no real guidance given past letting the player know where the pieces are located within the strike.

The phrasing would make one assume that players must find multiple items in the Glassway strike. Fortunately, the Lament Blade pieces are obtained as a single drop, and it’s one that’s not too hard to get. However, it’s easy to miss them if you don’t know where to look.

How to find the blade pieces in The Glassway strike in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 blade pieces quest description

To get the Lament blade pieces, players must first head to The Glassway strike. Players can do this by going to the director, choosing Europa as a destination, and then loading The Glassway strike. Fortunately, any variation of the strike will do, so there’s no need to wait for a Nightfall version.

The pieces of the blade aren’t hidden anywhere in the strike, so don’t worry about keeping an eye out for interactable pieces of the environment. Instead, players must fight to the end of The Glassway strike. Right after the boss comes out of the portal, a yellow-bar Transcendent Harpy will appear. Ensure the entire fireteam has a chance to deal some damage to the Harpy and then kill it. When it’s down, a message will appear above the ammo/skills part of the UI stating “(name) found Blade of Broken Dreams.” When this pops up, players can rest assured they’ve found the blade pieces for Lament.

Unfortunately, this is just 1 of 10 steps needed to reforge Lament in Destiny 2. At this point, players have already found the dead Exos and giant Exo. Next, they still must venture to an abandoned bunker to complete the next part of the Lost Lament quest.