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Destiny 2 Dead Exo Locations | Where to find 3 dead Exos

The first step in reforging the Lament exotic requires players to find nine dead Exos in Destiny 2. Thankfully, players can find all of these deceased Exos in Europa. However, they’re scattered in some hard to see places.

Below, players can find all nine dead Exo locations in Destiny 2. So, get ready for an extensive tour of Europa.

How to find three dead Exo locations in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Dead Exo Location List

To complete this portion of the Lost Lament quest, players only have to scan three of the nine dead Exos. The easiest to grab are the first three on our list since they’re out in the open.

  • Dead Exo #1
    • Location: Asterion Abyss
    • Description: This Exo is to the right of the tunnel leading to The Nexus.
  • Dead Exo #2
    • Location: Eventide Ruins
    • Description: Players can find this Exo northeast of where the public event occurs. Look for a hole in the wall containing Fallen to find the passage.
  • Dead Exo #3
    • Location: Cadmus Ridge
    • Description: At almost the center of the region there’s a dead Exo on top of a snowbank.
  • Dead Exo #4
    • Location: Bray Exoscience
    • Description: There’s a dead Exo in the corner of an office.
  • Dead Exo #5
    • Location: Creation
    • Description: From the entrance of Bray Exoscience take the stairs to the right. ebter the second doorway and follow the path to Creation. The dead Exo is on the first platform in the large cavernous area.
  • Dead Exo #6
    • Location: Well of Infinitude
    • Description: Go to the southmost area of the well, then head east. The dead Exo is in a room with Vex milk in it on a platform near the door.
  • Dead Exo #7
    • Location: Perdition Los Sector
    • Description: Players can head to the boss’ room. There’s a dead Exo in one of the corners.
  • Dead Exo #8
    • Location: Concealed Void Lost Sector
    • Description: This dead Exo is also at the end of the lost sector. Defeat the boss and pass into the area the barrier was covering to find a dead Exo by the area’s cache.
  • Dead Exo #9
    • Location: Bunker E15 Lost Sector
    • Description: In the main room of the bunker players can look under the stairs to find a dead Exo.