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Immortals Fenyx Rising Length | How long to beat?

Immortals Fenyx Rising shares a lot of DNA with Ubisoft stablemate Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Some players love the immense length of Odyssey, while others wish it was a little more to the point. With that in mind, how does the Immortals Fenyx Rising length compare? Here’s how long the game formerly known as Gods and Monsters takes to complete.

How long to beat Immortals Fenyx Rising?

How long is Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Immortals Fenyx Rising is releasing just after the next-gen console launches and with Cyberpunk 2077 hot on its heels. As a result, time and money are at a premium for gamers. Now more than ever, players are carefully considering which titles to play at launch and which to hold off on. So, how long is Immortals Fenyx Rising?

The Immortals Fenyx Rising length is 20-30 hours to beat the main questline. Completionists can expect to spend 50+ hours finishing all of the optional tasks. The game occupies a nice middle ground, giving users a lot of bang for their buck without tipping over into the intimidating 100+ hour completion territory that some Ubisoft open-world games occupy.

Game Director, Scott Phillips, told Game Informer the estimated Immortals Fenyx Rising completion time in a recent interview. Players should expect plenty of optional content, as finishing everything could more than double the Immortals Fenyx Rising runtime.

Hopefully, Immortals Fenix Rising will remain entertaining throughout its proposed 20-30 hour length. Game Revolution has previewed the game a couple of times now, drawing some favorable comparisons. AC Odyssey is an obvious one, though Immortals also channels Breath of the Wild and Disney’s Hercules.

The game will be available on PC, Google Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. With pretty much all bases covered, Immortals Fenyx Rising will be easily accessible to everyone, including anybody that doesn’t enjoy playing absolute timesinks.

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