Football Manager 2021 Stutter and Lag | How to fix frame-rate

Football Manager 2021 stutter and lag are causing choppy frame-rate during match-day, especially with the more detailed 3D presentation of the new game. It’s an annoying issue, as the game should not be component-heavy or causing issues on most modern PCs. Fortunately, there are ways to improve its frame-rate. Here is how to fix low frame-rate in FM 2021.

How to fix Football Manager 2021 slow frame-rate

Football Manager 2021 stutter

Slow frame-rate and Football Manager 2021 stutter can negatively impact its match-day presentation. This is a game that the majority of low-mid-range PCs should handle absolutely fine. If there is bad frame-rate, stutter, and/or lag while playing, there probably shouldn’t be. The now available RTX 3000 series should not be necessary, for example.

To fix stutter and lag in Football Manager 2021, players need to follow the (general troubleshooting) steps below:

  • Ensure the minimum specs are met for the game.
  • Try reducing settings in the “Graphics Quality” options.
  • Reduce pitch and crowd quality.
  • Lower resolution.
  • Download and install new graphics drive updates.
  • Enable “High-performance Nvidia processor,” “Prefer maximum performance,” and ensure that the most powerful GPU is being used to run the game if playing on a laptop or PC with multiple GPUs.
  • Disable background applications.
  • Use basic match-day presentation such as 2D options.
  • Restart the game.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Disable Triple Buffering.
  • Enable Threaded Optimization.
  • Limit FPS.
  • Install the game on an SSD.

Hopefully, one of the general fixes above helps, and the frame-rate is improved. If not, the game could be suffering from a bug. If none of the fixes work, therefore, it is worthwhile to send a support ticket to Sports Interactive (do so here). Hopefully, if it is a bug, Sports Interactive will fix it in an update sooner rather than later.

Now that the Football Manager 2021 stutter and lag should be fixed, the game should run as smooth as butter. Time to win some titles. With some real player names.

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