Box art - Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Jefferson Davis grave location

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a game steeped in Marvel lore. It’s also the follow-up to to the previous series release, meaning there are several tie-ins with Marvel’s Spider-Man. One of these is the Never Give Up trophy, which requires you to find Jefferson Davis’ grave. Here’s where to find the gravesite and details about the significance it holds to the game’s hero.

Never Give Up trophy | Jefferson Davis grave location

Never Give Up trophy - Jefferson Davis grave location map

Jefferson Davis’ grave in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is located in the Harlem graveyard on the northwest side of the city. The grave is a small headstone flanked by flowers, with “Jefferson Davis, devoted husband and father” etched into the stone. You can press R3 in the area to scan the environment to highlight its specific location, or check the map image featured above.

When you approach the grave, Miles will take a knee and offer a few words to the deceased. If you’re wondering what the significance of this grave is, you’ll find out shortly after interacting with it. If not, we can help clear things up. Be aware that the following paragraph contains spoilers for the previous game, so skip it if you haven’t played the prior release.

Spoiler alert: Jefferson Davis is Miles’ father. He played a small role in the original Marvel’s Spider-Man, helping Peter Parker fight the forces of the Inner Demons. However, at an award ceremony in Davis’ honor, Mister Negative shows up and detonates a bomb. Davis shields the nearby officers with his body, and is killed in the process. Spider-Man: Miles Morales follows on the events of that storyline, which is why Davis is never seen in the new release.

The Never Give Up trophy is simple to unlock, but it’s still an important piece of storytelling. Finding Jefferson Davis’ grave is a heartfelt moment, and it ties into Miles’ struggle with balancing normal life and the life of a hero. It’s also a subtle throwback to the similar With Great Power trophy in the previous release.