Spotify Down | No internet connection detected, error code 4 fix

Spotify is down today, November 27, with the music streaming site not working in locations around the globe. The error code 4 issue includes users being told that there is “no internet connection detected,” while they also can’t play anything or use search. Even if users have a stable connection, they will be told that they are offline and therefore “no offline results found” for their searches.

Is Spotify down? Can’t play anything error

Spotify went down in the early morning ET/PT/GMT. Users swiftly began reporting the issue, with different issues faced by those across mobile and desktop.

Desktop users will find the following error message: “No internet connection detected. Spotify will automatically try to reconnect when it detects an internet connection (error code: 4).” Meanwhile, mobile users won’t be given an error message, but instead won’t be able to play any music.

Spotify ‘no internet connection detected’ fix

Even though Spotify is down, users can still play music using the service by accessing their offline playlists. This will allow users to continue playing music via the app by way of utilizing their downloaded libraries of music.

However, as long as Spotify continues to have issues with its servers, online streaming will not be available. As the error notes, when Spotify resolves its issues, it will automatically reconnect to the internet and allow users to continue streaming music.

When will Spotify be fixed?

Users are reporting that the issue is being resolved in waves. Spotify addressed the issue on Twitter:

If you have Spotify open on desktop or mobile, it should reconnect to the internet once its technical issues have been resolved.

If your Spotify still fails to connect to the internet you should turn off your internet connection, leave it powered off for 10 seconds, then turn it back on again. While it is unlikely that this issue is the result of your own internet connection issues, if you are having trouble with other sites and apps, then perform some troubleshooting of your own.