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Fortnite Mystery Rewards | What are the mystery unlocks for Season 5?

Chapter 2 Season 5 has introduced Fortnite Mystery Rewards to the game. These secret skins and items remain hidden. Appearing as question marks, the only clue given to players is “To be revealed…” Here’s the need-to-know on the Mystery Rewards.

What are the Mystery Rewards in Fortnite?

Fortnite Mystery Rewards

The Mystery Rewards in Fortnite are hidden outfits, back blings, and other items. These can be unlocked during Chapter 2 Season 5 by following the instructions, once they’re revealed.

All Fortnite Mystery Rewards List

  • Mystery Banner (Uncommon)
  • Mystery Emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Mystery Spray (Uncommon)
  • Mystery Emote (Uncommon)
  • Mystery Outfit (Legendary)
  • Mystery Wrap (Rare)
  • Mystery Back Bling (Legendary)
  • Mystery Built-In Emote (Legendary)
  • Mystery Harvesting Tool (Epic)

The most interesting Mystery Rewards are those with Legendary rarities. Rumors are swirling about the Legendary Mystery Outfit being Agent Jonesy or Galactus. Whoever it is, the outfit is likely to be paired with the Legendary Back Bling and Built-In Emote.

As Fortnite receives more updates, we’ll learn more about the Mystery Rewards and Challenges through official Epic Games posts or via dataminers. Epic is likely to release the challenges one week at a time, as has been the case with other special skins.

This post will be updated with more information when Epic Games reveals more or when leaks reveal the rewards, whichever happens first!

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