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Destiny 2 How to get Trustee | Trustee God Roll and best perks

Destiny 2 players want to know how to get Trustee, one of the most popular of the new weapons added with Beyond Light (alongside Seventh Seraph, High Albedo, and Royal Chase). This scout rifle has the potential to be a real beast if players score a Trustee God Roll with the right perks.

We’ll show you where you can get a guaranteed Trustee drop in Destiny 2. We’ll also cover which perks are considered God Rolls for this weapon.

How to get Trustee in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Trustee rifle stats and perks

Trustee can be found in three locations. However, players must find it in the first possible drop area for it to show up in the other two. It’s part of the Deep Stone Crypt raid gear and can potentially drop from the raid’s first encounter.

The two Deep Stone Crypt secret raid chests may contain Trustee if a player has previously earned it. This can be useful for farming for God Rolls since the secret chests are found relatively early in the raid.

Lastly, there’s a new type of chest that spawns right after the Deep Stone Crypt raid’s final boss. This chest allows players to trade 20 Spoils of Victory, which can be found as loot in raid encounters and secret chests, for a random piece of raid gear previously acquired.

What is a Trustee God Roll in Destiny 2?

Trustee has a chance to be a PVE and PVP powerhouse. Our God Roll for the rifle is:

  • Smallbore
  • Tactical Mag
  • Reconstruction
  • Wellspring

With these rolls, Trustee ends up being more of a super-accurate auto rifle than a traditional scout rifle.

Rapid-Fire Frame is Trustee’s intrinsic. It’s a simple but effective perk. As long as the trigger is held down the rifle keeps firing.

Smallbore just helps with range and stability, which enhances the scout rifle’s innate traits.

Tactical Mag adds more stability, increases reload speed, and increases the magazine size from 17 to 27 rounds, which is excellent since Rapid-Fire Frame burns through ammo.

Reconstruction slowly refills the weapon to double its capacity, which means Trustee with Tactical Mag can hold up to 54 rounds.

Wellspring generates ability energy with each kill. This with Reconstruction means players can empty enough rounds to recharge all their abilities, and by the time they’ve laid the hammer down and switched back to Trustee, the perk will have mostly reloaded it.