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Destiny 2 A Hard Rain Falls | How to get High Albedo

Now that Beyond Light has released for Destiny 2, players are hard at work grinding for new rewards and gear. One of the newly added quests is called A Hard Rain Falls, and completing it rewards you with the High Albedo sidearm. This is an easy quest with a solid reward, and best of all, it won’t take too much time to complete.

How to complete A Hard Rain Falls in Destiny 2

How to complete A Hard Rain Falls in Destiny 2

To begin A Hard Rain Falls, you need to speak with the Exo Stranger at Europa’s Campsite. From there, you’ll need to complete Patrols and Public Events in the current Eclipsed Zone.

You’re probably well familiar with these types of activities by now. If not, you simply need to head to an area on the map marked by asteroids. When you arrive, you’ll know you’re in the right place once you’re given the Stasis Regeneration buff. The zone changes to a random location every week, so it’ll be up to you to figure out where to go.

Once you’re there, take on whichever Patrols and Public Events you like. Heroic Public Events will give the most progress toward the quest, but you can flip between either and take them on at your own pace.

After you’ve reached the required amount of progress, simply head back to the campsite and speak with the Exo Stranger to complete the quest.

A Hard Rain Falls reward | High Albedo sidearm

Destiny 2 Beyond Light High Albedo sidearm

In reward for completing A Hard Rain Falls, you’ll be given the High Albedo sidearm. This is a pretty funky little pistol with an adaptive frame and three-round burst capabilities. As you may expect, the perks are rolled randomly, but you may luck out by getting perks like Wellspring or Appended Mag.

If you’re looking to get a High Albedo sidearm with different perks, you’re in luck. You can farm High Albedo through the new Sabotage missions offered by Variks. The only prerequisite is that you complete A Hard Rain Falls first.