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Valorant failed to save settings to server error fix

Valorant is a very competitive game, meaning smart players will often customize their settings and controls. However, when the client or servers experience technical difficulties, players may find that their settings have been reset. When this happens, the game will often show an error message saying it failed to save settings to the server. Here’s why Valorant will fail to save settings to the server and what you can do to fix it.

Valorant settings reset | Failed to save settings error

Valorant settings reset - failed to save settings to server

If Valorant has failed to save settings to the server, it’s because the servers are having connection issues. They might be down, or they may just be unstable. This often results in your Valorant settings being reset to the default, since the server can’t verify your saved settings.

This is sort of a double-whammy issue. When the Valorant client can’t form a stable connection with the game servers, it will be unable to verify your local data. This would include settings like your crosshair setup, custom binds, mouse sensitivity, and so on. If you connect to the servers but the game fails to save those settings, it will reset all of your settings back to the default.

Weird as it may sound, this is intended behavior. After all, the game client may think that your custom settings are the reason it’s unable to connect. Thankfully, there is a way to fix the failed to save settings error before it actually happens.

How to fix the Valorant failed to save settings to server error

Valorant failed to save settings to server error fix

In order to fix the settings reset error in Valorant, you either need to disconnect before the save fails, or avoid connecting to the game entirely when the servers are unstable.

When you’re having trouble connecting to Valorant, check the current Riot Games server status. Alternatively, check on DownDetector to see if players are reporting connection problems. If there are any issues, don’t try to connect, or your settings may be reset. Assuming you get a timeout error when trying to connect, take that as an early warning to stay away from the game for a while.

Of course, that’s only a proactive fix, not a reactive fix. If you’ve already tried to connect and got the failed to save settings error message, disconnect immediately. Close the game, press Alt+F4, whatever it takes. Assuming you can close the game client quickly enough, it won’t have time to reset your settings back to default.

Beyond these steps, there’s one more thing you can (and probably should) do: Keep a backup of your Valorant settings. Create a text file with the commands for all of your binds, and copy down your sensitivity and crosshair customizations. This way, even if your settings do get reset, you’ll have a quick reference for how to get them back the way you like.