Is there a Call of the Sea PS4 and PS5 release date?

Call of the Sea takes inspiration from beloved games like Myst, Firewatch, and Sea of Thieves. Its gorgeous visuals and intriguing story make it highly accessible, which probably explains why a variety of PlayStation gamers want to know if it’s coming to their preferred platform. So, is there a Call of the Sea PS4 and PS5 release date on the horizon? Here’s the lowdown on Raw Fury and Out of the Blue’s new adventure game coming to PlayStation 4 and 5.

Is Call of the Sea coming to PS4?

Call of the Sea PS4

Call of the Sea is out now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It’s available on all platforms via Xbox Game Pass, allowing tons of players to experience the story-driven adventure. With PlayStation users seemingly left out in the cold, naturally, gamers are eager to see a Call of the Sea PS4 and PS5 launch.

Call of the Sea could come to PS4 in the future. When asked if the game will launch for additional consoles, Tatiana Delgado, Co-Founder of development studio Out of the Blue, did not deny that it was a possibility. “I can not say,” responded Delgado after pausing to gather her thoughts in a recent interview.

Delgado’s statement was made during an interview with The Escapist. After an awkward pause precedes her response, host Nick Calandra seemingly assumes that ports are indeed on the way: “I’ve been in games journalism for over a decade, I know what that face means. It means shut up!” Naturally, that’s open to interpretation, so shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

Is Call of the Sea coming to PS5?

Call of the Sea PS5

Call of the Sea PS5 port may happen at a later date. Out of the Blue Co-Founder Tatiana Delgado did not deny that Call of the Sea could come to additional platforms during a recent interview. In fact, the slightly awkward manner of Delgado’s evasive response has been interpreted to mean that additional versions are already in the works. For now, however, that’s just speculation.

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