Facebook Messenger ‘Waiting for Network, ‘Connecting,’ and ‘No Internet Connection’ Fix

Facebook Messenger ‘Waiting for Network,’ ‘Connecting,’ and ‘No Internet Connection’ errors are popping up for users on mobile and desktop, with users struggling to access the social networking site’s messaging app and service. The issue will see messages either not sending or being delayed, while there are also issues with receiving messages. Here’s the fix for the Facebook ‘Waiting for Network’ error.

How to fix Facebook Messenger ‘Waiting for Network’ and ‘Connecting’ error

facebook messenger waiting for network fix

The ‘Waiting for Network’ error has caused users to check if they are experiencing internet connectivity issues, with it appearing on mobile and desktop versions of Facebook. However, the issue is actually on Facebook’s end, with the social network currently experiencing an outage.

Facebook Messenger is down in many regions, and as a result, many are not able to send or receive messages. The problem sees users first being told that the service is ‘Waiting for Network’ when they try to access it, before this message eventually tells them it is ‘Connecting,’ and finally that there is ‘No Internet Connection.’

However, there is still a way to sporadically send messages if you are experiencing this issue by following these steps:

  • Send a message via Messenger on desktop
  • Close the Messenger window when the error message appears
  • Reopen the window

This will attempt to force through the sending of the message. Anecdotally, we have been able to send messages using this method on desktop, though not via mobile.

While this isn’t a permanent solution, for those who need to send Facebook Messenger messages and don’t have the time to wait, this is a workaround for the time being. The company will undoubtedly be working to resolve this issue, so regular users of the messaging service should be able to get back to using it sooner rather than later.