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Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together Failed | How to visit Andrew’s niche and save Barry

Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 is full of unusual characters, and you’ll meet one during the Happy Together quest. This particular NPC is named Barry, and he’s having a rough time coping with the loss of his pal Andrew. If you don’t handle the matter appropriately, you may find that Happy Together failed with dire consequences. Here’s how to save Barry and get the good ending.

Happy Together | Visit Andrew’s niche and save Barry

Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together Failed - How to save Barry, visit Andrew's niche, best ending guide

The Happy Together quest will fail if you don’t listen to Barry and visit Andrew’s niche. Once you’ve explored all of the dialog options and discovered the niche, you’ll be able to explain Barry’s situation regarding Andrew to the police. This will save Barry and prevent the quest from failing.

Happy Together is one of the few missions in Cyberpunk 2077 that can be outright failed. Of course, to explain what you need to do, we have to dive into spoiler territory. If you’re worried about revealing parts of the plot, just remember that you need to hear Barry out and find Andrew’s niche. Otherwise, keep reading for the full scoop.

How to save Barry

The Happy Together quest kicks off with a conversation with the police at your apartment complex. You’ll eventually knock on Barry’s door, but he won’t come around. After waiting a while, Barry will answer the door, and you’ll talk about how he’s feeling. It turns out that he’s mourning the lose of Andrew, his closest confidante.

To save Barry, you need to ask all about Andrew. Ask how he died, and explore all available dialog options. If you don’t, Happy Together will be marked as failed, since you don’t get the information you need to provide to the police. Barry will become unresponsive, and the police will bar his apartment door, implicating that he took his own life. Fortunately, you can save him by learning more about Andrew.

Visit Andrew’s Niche

Speak with Barry enough and you’ll be given an optional objective to visit Andrew’s niche. The niche is tucked away in the columbarium over on the east side of Night City. It’s just a short ways from the entrance to the columbarium; Take the first right, then a left, then follow the path up the short stairs and look toward the right-hand wall. When you inspect it, you’ll learn that Andrew wasn’t a person, but a tortoise. It’s crucial to discover this information before returning to speak with the police.

After you’ve inspected the niche, return to the apartment complex and speak with officers Petrova and Mendez. Tell them that you visited Andrew’s grave, and V will explain just how depressed Barry had become. Petrova and Mendez will realize the error of their ways, and knock on his door in order to talk things out. This results in the good ending, where the police are able to reach out to Barry, who doesn’t take his own life.