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Stardew Valley | How to get Mango Trees

New tropical fruits have arrived in the latest update to Stardew Valley. Among the latest offerings are mangoes, a sweet delight found in various places across the Fern islands. Of course, if you want to grow mangoes for yourself, you need to know how to get a mango tree. Thankfully, the process is fairly straightforward.

How to get a Mango Tree in Stardew Valley

How to get a Mango Tree in Stardew Valley

To start growing mangoes in Stardew Valley, you’ll first need to get a mango tree sapling. These can be acquired by cracking open a Golden Coconut found on Ginger Island or looted from the volcano dungeon. Mango trees will produce fruit year-round when planted on the island, or during the summer season back at Stardew Valley.

Of course, before you can even think about growing mangoes, you’ll need to pay a visit to Ginger Island. It takes some work, but most players who have reached toward the end of the game shouldn’t have much trouble.

It’s after arriving at the island where the search begins. The Fern Islands are home to Golden Coconuts, which offer loot after being cracked open at the blacksmith. There’s a chance that one of these will contain a mango sapling. Otherwise, you may be able to find one as a random loot item inside the island’s volcano dungeon.

Like with banana trees, mango trees have a special attribute: When planted on Fern Island, they’ll produce fruit all year long. Of course, you could also plant them in the greenhouse to maximize your annual yield. Otherwise, they’re a summer fruit.

When it comes to planting and growing, mango trees work as expected. Each sapling takes 28 full days to mature, at which point it will begin to drop fruit. That’s assuming it’s in-season, of course.

According to the Stardew Valley update 1.5 patch notes, the only new recipe for this fruit is mango sticky rice. However, we’re just beginning to uncover the new additions in the latest patch, so there may be a hidden use for these tropical treats that players haven’t yet uncovered.