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Stardew Valley Prismatic Jelly Location | How to find the Prismatic Slime

One of the new quests available in Stardew Valley’s new 1.5 update has players seeking out the location of the Prismatic Slime as part of a quest for the Wizard. The order to hunt for the Prismatic Jelly the creature drops is found on the Special Orders board, and unfortunately, doesn’t tell players where they can find it.

Even when players know the location of the Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley, it’s not an easy creature to find. Fortunately, there’s a way to speed up the process of getting Prismatic Jelly for the Wizard.

Stardew Valley Prismatic Slime Location

Stardew Valley Prismatic Slime Location

Before players can find the Prismatic Slime, they must first accept the Wizard’s quest on the Special Orders board. After taking the order, players have two days to obtain the Prismatic Jelly.

Unfortunately, the order itself doesn’t give the player much to work with:

“I require assistance in tracking down the rare and dangerous prismatic slime within the local caves. Bring me a jar of its prismatic jelly, and you will be duly rewarded.

-M. Rasmodius”

Aside from the reference to “local caves,” the Wizard isn’t very helpful in his request. There are several areas in the game which fit the bill, but the Prismatic Slime can only be found in one location.

To get Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley, players need to head to the mountain mine. It’s essential to have reached level 115 before taking on this task. The Prismatic Slime shows up randomly below level 95, but only after taking on the Wizard’s order.

The quickest way to find the Prismatic Slime is to take the elevator to level 95, then 105, and finally 115. If the slime hasn’t shown up on any of those three levels, take the elevator back up to 0 and try again. Since the monster appears at random, it may take a bit to find one. However, using this method, it should appear with plenty of time left in the two-day limit.