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Super Meat Boy Forever | How many worlds are there?

Super Meat Boy Forever does not actually go on forever since there are a predetermined amount of worlds and levels. Although that exact number can be confusing since the game isn’t as straightforward with how many levels and worlds it has. Here is how many worlds Super Meat Boy Forever has and about how long it takes to beat.

How many worlds does Super Meat Boy Forever have?

Super Meat Boy Forever | How many worlds are there?

Super Meat Boy Forever has 12 worlds made up of six Dark Worlds and six Light Worlds. These worlds are:

  • Chipper Grove
  • The Clinic
  • Tetanusville
  • The Lab
  • The Other Side
  • Oxdeadbeef

The first four, along with their darker halves, are shown to the player in the beginning. The Other Side opens up after the other four worlds have been completed. It is the final story world in the game. Oxdeadbeef is the post-game world and is an ultra difficult combination of the other worlds and is akin to the Cotton Alley from Super Meat Boy. It’s just a hard challenge for those who have rolled credits.

The Dark Worlds, which are more difficult shadows of the Light World levels in the game, are technically open at the same time as their lighter halves but have to unlocked. Players have to beat the record times on each level to unlock the darker version of it. Collectibles, which are hidden throughout the levels, only seem to unlock different character skins and not affect how stages unlock.

It is not known if Super Meat Boy Forever is getting retro levels or community stages (like Super Meat World from the last game) or if there are any hidden areas yet to be discovered. Super Meat Boy had hidden and retro levels, after all. But given how this is a difficult game, it may take some players some time to dig up these areas, should they exist at all.

How long does it take to beat Super Meat Boy Forever?

Figuring out how long it will take to beat Super Meat Boy Forever is entirely dependent on skill as some players can rush through it in under an hour. However, it will likely take most players around three to four hours to clear the first five worlds and see credits. Beating the Oxdeadbeef will add on a little more time onto that. Going and getting every collectible, beating every record time, and clearing every Dark World level will take a significant amount of time and is there for the hardest of the hardcore.