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Rust How to get stone | How to find and farm stone

Stone is another early resource in Rust that players will need to get. Players can craft many useful items from stone, and it’s required for staples like hatchets and pickaxes. Additionally, players will need to find stone in Rust for resource-producing structures like furnaces.

Unfortunately, unlike with Hemp, farming stone in Rust is a commitment players won’t be able to undertake early on. However, as they move up the tech tree, they’ll find ways to auto-mine the material.

How to get stone in Rust

Rust Find and Farm Stone

When players spawn for the first time in Rust, they’ll lack the ability to mine stone. Instead, to get rocks, they’ll need to search the ground for loose material they can gather. The first goal should be to collect the items needed to craft a pickaxe:

  • 100 Stone
  • 200 Wood

Once a player has crafted a Stone Pickaxe, they can begin mining resource nodes. Stone nodes are whitish, round boulders. The player just needs to smack the rock to mine stone until they’ve gathered the desired amount.

As time goes on, players will move up the tech tree and unlock more efficient mining methods. However, doing this all manually will eventually get tiring. Fortunately, there’s a way to automate stone gathering and farm as much as needed with little input.

How to farm stone in Rust

To farm stone in Rust, players must progress in the tech tree until they unlock the Mining Quarry. Players can build this structure in certain areas and, when fueled, will continuously mine rock and ore.

Due to the nature of how Mining Quarries work, players won’t be able to build a group of them together. When choosing a site to place them, players will want to try and find an area to build them as closely together as possible. This will make resource collection, fueling, and defense much easier.