What does ratio mean on TikTok?

TikTok is constantly growing in popularity, with new people joining the video-based social media platfrom every single day. As a result, both newcomers and existing users often come across new terminology and wonder what it means. One of the main questions currently on peoples’ minds is “What does ratio mean on TikTok?” Here’s the need-to-know on the definition of ratio relating to the app’s algorithm and the context users commonly say it in

What is ratio on TikTok?

What does ratio mean on TikTok?

People generally use the word “ratio” in one of two contexts on the TikTok application for iOS and Android. Firstly, there’s the technical sense of the word; users can target the ideal interaction ratio on a post so that the app shares it with more people. Secondly, there’s the more general sense, in which a person might comment that a video or user has a good or bad ratio.

TikTok ratio algorithm explained

The TikTok algorithm is an automated system that decides which videos are popular based on their view-to-like ratio. If the ratio is equal to or greater than one like for every 10 views, then the app is more likely to share the video and increase the author’s exposure.

Targetting the 1/10 like-to-view ratio helps TikTok users to grow their follower count.

TikTok ratio comments explained

If a user receives a comment on their ratio, be it good or bad, this relates to the number of likes and/or views received compared to their follower count. If a post blows up and gets a ton of likes and views, but not many people follow the creator to see more of their content, that is a bad ratio on TikTok. Should the author have a lot of followers, however, then the ratio is good.

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