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Stardew Valley Bone Fragments Locations and Recipes

ConcernedApe added Bone Fragments to Stardew Valley in the recent 1.5 patch. Since they weren’t in the game until the newest update, even longtime players are having trouble finding them. Given that some of the latest recipes and items require Bone Fragments, farmers will want to know what location they can be found in.

How to find Bone Fragments in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Bone Fragments

Before players can get to the location of the Bone Fragments in Stardew Valley, they need to have finished all the Community Center repairs or Jojamart improvements (which is the same point in the game the Witch’s Hut can be accessed). After those tasks are completed, the player should receive an invitation from Willy that will lead to a hidden dock in his shop’s back room. There, players can find an old boat that can be repaired. Once the repairs on the boat are finished, players can use it to travel to Ginger Island.

Once players make it to Ginger Island, they can mine Bone Fragments. These items can be found in Bone Nodes and Artifact Spots throughout the island. Bone Nodes are the easiest to spot and can be found relatively reliably in the Dig Site. Artifact Spots are a bit harder to find, especially since it’s easy to overlook the little waggling worms that mark these areas.

Stardew Valley Bone Fragment recipes

Bone Fragments can be used in the Bone Mill to make some very useful fertilizer items. The Bone Mill recipe is obtained by completing the quest “Fragments of the past,” which is given by Gunther.

Bone Fragments (and fossils) can be used with the Bone Mill to make the following:

  • Basic Fertilizer
  • Quality Fertilizer
  • Speed-Gro
  • Deluxe Speed-Gro
  • Tree Fertilizer

Bone Fragments are also used as components in the following items:

  • Dark Sign
  • Skull Brazier
  • Thorns Ring

Finally, Bone Fragments can be used in the Sewing Machine’s spool to make the very spooky Skeleton Shirt. Bone appetit!