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DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round Xbox360 Cheats


General Tips
  • As with any fighting game, you should experiment with different characters to find which one suits your playstyle best.
  • Dead or Alive 5 uses a kind of rock-paper-scissors formula in which strikes trump throws, throws trump hold, and holds trump strikes.
  • If you're new to the series, play story mode first and jump into multiplayer after you finish it. The practice will definitely help.
  • Take some time to learn combos. Button mashing only gets you so far in Dead or Alive.
  • Spend some time in the training mode to hone your fighting skills.
  • Don't worry too much about intricate combos when you first start off. Just commit to memorizing a few simple ones and work your way up from there.
  • Use directional inputs for blocking instead of buttons, as it gives you more freedom to follow up with attacks/counters.
  • Kasumi and Kokoro are good characters for beginners.

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Cheat Codes

Unlock All Unlockables

You can unlock all of the game's music, costumes, Story Mode progress, movies, and more by pressing L1+L2+R1+R2 at the same time. Once you do so, the game should indicate that it is saving your progress.




DOA5 Last Round MasterUnlock all achievements.
Fighting EntertainmentHave your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes.
RivalsRegister a fighter in your Fighter List.
Rival RumbleFight online.
Rival RampageFight online 10 times.
DOA5 Last Round Is My LifeFight online 100 times.
My Fight, My RulesCreate your own online lobby.
Get Out There and Fight!Play a Lobby match.
Fighting for RealPlay a Ranked match.
Gesundheit!Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show.
Tango Kilo NovemberTrigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone.
Catch and ReleaseTrigger the Special Danger Zone in Sky City Tokyo.
You Asked for It!Set "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have a Throwdown in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode.
Anybody, Anytime, AnywhereSet "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have 10 Throwdowns in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode.
Arcade (Solo) ClearedClear 1 course in Arcade (solo) mode.
Arcade (Tag) ClearedClear 1 course in Arcade (tag) mode.
Time Attack (Solo) ClearedClear 1 course in Time Attack (solo) mode.
Time Attack (Tag) ClearedClear 1 course in Time Attack (tag) mode.
Survival (Solo) ClearedClear 1 course in Survival (solo) mode.
Survival (Tag) ClearedClear 1 course in Survival (tag) mode.
Fledgling FighterFight a Versus (solo) match.
You're ItFight a Versus (tag) match.
Training HardPlay Free Training mode for 1 hour.
Exercise NewbieComplete all moves for a character in Command Training.
Your Education Begins NowPlay in Tutorial.
A Fighter is BornComplete all lessons in Tutorial.
A New Challenger Appears!Played in Combo Challenge.
Unchallenged ChampionComplete all lessons for a character in Combo Challenge.
On the Edge of Your SeatPlay Spectator mode.
Fighter, Know ThyselfView your results in Fight Record.
Ahhh, MemoriesView your photos in the Album.
Say Cheese!Take a photo in Spectator mode.
How Do I Fight?Display the Move List.
How Do I Fight Like a Pro?Display the Move Details.
A Fight to RememberSave a replay.
Turn It UpChange the background music settings.
Who's Got PopcornWatch a movie.
Safety FirstTurn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen.
Power in NumbersHave a Team Fight.
First Tag TeamFight a tag match.
The Power of TwoDo 10 different character-specific tag throws.
Blow Em AwaySuccessfully land a Power Blow.
We Have Liftoff!Successfully deliver a Power Launcher.
Change of PowerPress H+P+K during a Power Blow to tag in a partner and deliver a Tag Power Blow.
Down You GoSuccessfully attack during a Cliffhanger.
Cliffhanger ComebackSuccessfully block an opponent's attack during a Cliffhanger.
I Read Every MoveWin without taking any damage.
Failure Teaches SuccessSee 8 characters' losing poses.