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How to fix Apex Legends crashing 2021

Apex Legends may be one of the most popular competitive games on the planet, but it’s not without its flaws. The worst of these flaws involve both freezing and game crashing. Unfortunately, both of these problems seem to be getting worse. If Apex Legends keeps crashing in 2021, here’s what you can do to fix crashes and stop the game from freezing.

Apex Legends Crashing 2021 | How to fix freezes and crashes

Apex Legends Crashing 2021 - How to fix crashes and freezes

Most crashing in Apex Legends is caused by software or hardware instability. While crashes could be caused by outdated drivers, it can also appear following new game updates. Patches are becoming notorious for introducing game-breaking Apex Legends crashing and freezing problems.

To fix the crashing, a little bit of due diligence is in order. Since freezing and game crashes can be caused by many factors, it’s best to ensure you’ve got the most basic solutions covered.

  1. Ensure that you’re running the latest Windows update
  2. Download and install the latest drivers for your GPU
  3. Finally, make sure that Apex Legends has the latest update

Unfortunately, the final step in this common solution can be the most problematic. You’ll need the latest version of Apex Legends to play online, but new patches sometimes introduce bugs. Most are harmless, but some can be substantial. In fact, the latest patch at the time of writing has resulted in dozens of crash reports over on the Apex Legends subreddit.

In these cases, the only solution is to wait for developers to fix the crashing problem. If your game first started freezing after the latest update, then the latest update is to blame. This results in a sort of double-edged sword: You can’t play the game without the patch, nor can you play it reasonably with the patch isntalled.

Even in 2021, the only true way to fix Apex Legends crashing is to make sure your operating system, drivers, and games are up to date. As long as your end of the hardware is fine, the crashes are most likely the result of a new update. When that happens, only the developers can fix the problem once and for all.