Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 | Release Date, Price, Features

With the release of the Xbox Series X|S console family, fans are wondering when an Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 will debut. Given how hard Microsoft is pushing the new consoles, one would think there’d be a premium gamepad to go along with them. So, will the new Xbox Core Controller get an Elite Series 3 variation sometime soon?

Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 release date

Xbox elite Controller 3 Release Date

So far, Microsoft hasn’t announced any plans for an Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. The Elite Series 2 was released on November 4, 2019, so it’s just a little over a year old as of writing. It’s unlikely that we’ll see an Elite Series 3 within the next couple of years because the Elite Series 2 works just as well on the Xbox Series X|S consoles as it did with the Xbox One.

The original Elite Controller was released in October 2015, four years before the Series 2. So, if Microsoft keeps up this trend, we won’t see an Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 until sometime in 2023. However, given the addition of the Share button on the Core Controller, a Series 3 might come sooner to add that functionality.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Pricing

The original Elite controller retailed for $149.99, and the Series 2 sells for $179.99. It’s likely that the Series 3 controller would fall somewhere between those two prices. While there are some $200 premium controllers (with SCUF-branded pads being the most notable), it’s hard to imagine Microsoft would go over that pricepoint.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Features

With no official announcement from Microsoft, it’s hard to imagine what the Elite Series 3 would offer over the Series 2. The most obvious change would be the addition of a share button. The new d-pad might also be added, though we imagine players could still swap it out.

The Elite Series 2 is a pretty fantastic controller as-is. It would be hard to top it, so we imagine Microsoft will really have to think of some innovative ideas to make the Series 3 special.