Tomodatchi Life Switch release date | Will there be a Tomodatchi Life 2?

Tomodachi Life was one of the best-selling games for the Nintendo 3DS. Given its success, one would think a Tomodachi Life Switch game is in the works. Unfortunately, Nintendo has been mum about the possibility of a Tomodachi Life 2 release date.

Will there be a Tomodachi Life Switch game?

Tomodachi Life 2 Switch

Tomodachi Life was a big hit on the Nintendo 3DS due to its quirky gameplay and great use of Miis. The game plays out a bit like The Sims. Miis can be imported into a large apartment building, and each of them develops a personality. As players interact with the game, the Miis grow, and their relationships with each other blossom. Miis can become friends with each other, become bitter enemies, or even get married and have children.

The game is known for its surrealness and humor, which is also part of what made it so popular. Miis can sing short, player-written songs in a concert venue, and there are many fun mini-games and events to participate in.

Unfortunately, the magic of Tomodachi Life hasn’t been replicated since its release in 2014. A social app, Miitomo, which shares similarities with Tomodachi Life, was released in 2016 to fanfare. However, its userbase quickly lost interest, and the service went offline in 2018. Miitopia, an RPG with a similar concept to Tomodachi Life, was released in 2017 to mixed reviews.

Whether or not there’ll be a Tomodachi Life 2 is up in the air right now. The original sold 6.63 million copies on the Nintendo 3DS, making it the 11th best selling game on that platform. However, the failure of Miitomo, which was made by the same team that developed Tomodachi Life, may have soured Nintendo’s outlook on the series.

Tomodachi Life is looked on fondly by gamers worldwide, which makes a Tomodachi Life Switch version a good prospect. However, Nintendo is unpredictable with its IPs. Some it returns to time and time again, while others are discarded and never mentioned again.