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Hitman 3 Co-op | Does it have multiplayer?

A Hitman 3 co-op mode would likely be quite popular, given how open the game’s sandbox is. After all, the last entry launched with multiplayer so co-op would not be that far of a stretch. So is there a Hitman 3 multiplayer or co-op mode?

Does Hitman 3 have co-op?

Hitman 3 does not have any co-op modes. There is only one Agent 47 in this game and he must complete every mission by himself. IO has not expressed any wishes to add co-op to the game either so it is not wise for players to get their hopes up.

Does Hitman 3 have multiplayer?

Hitman 3 Co-op | Does it have multiplayer?

Hitman 3 also does not have any traditional multiplayer modes. The previous title did have Ghost Mode, which saw two assassins go head to head, but that mode was removed from Hitman 2 at the end of August 2020. And since IO removed the mode, the studio is not bringing it forward to Hitman 3, despite the all-encompassing “World of Assassination” that houses this entire trilogy under one roof. IO did speak about removing the mode in a blog post.

“With our focus currently on other areas of the World of Assassination, Ghost Mode won’t be featured in Hitman 3 and we have made the difficult decision to shut down the Ghost Mode servers for Hitman 2 on Monday 31st August 2020. We have learnt a hell of a lot from Ghost Mode over the last two years and we’ll be taking all of those learnings onboard for what we do in the future with regards to multiplayer.”

Hitman 3 Co-op | Does it have multiplayer?

But Hitman 3 does have some slight shreds of multiplayer, aside from basically requiring a persistent online connection. The game does have leaderboards where players can compare their missions scores to the world and their friends. It is a little hidden though. To find the Hitman 3 leaderboards, players must go to “Campaigns” on the main menu and choose the level they want to see the leaderboards to.

Hitman 3 Co-op | Does it have multiplayer?

The game also has Contracts, which are player-created hits. These are under the main menu under Game Modes. Again, these don’t involve another person but someone else did create them.

Players looking to do Sniper Assassin mode in co-op are also out of luck. It seems as though these levels are only playable solo this time around.