Is it safe to buy Instagram views and followers?

Growing an audience on Instagram can be hard work. As a result, many Insta users seek out a shortcut — purchasing viewers and follows. Is it safe to buy Instagram views and followers, though? Here’s the lowdown for budding social media stars with iOS and Android devices.

Is buying Instagram views and followers allowed?

buy Instagram views

Living the life of an Instagram influencer is something that many people aspire to. Actually getting there, however, isn’t all that easy. This is where services offering to inflate users’ views and follower counts for a fee, come into play. It’s faster than organically growing a profile, but is it within the application’s rules?

Buying views and followers on Instagram is not safe. Artificially inflating an Instagram account’s interactions is against the terms of service; any users found to have purchased fake viewers and follows will be banned. Additionally, some view and follower sellers are not legitimate. After paying for the unsafe service, customers may not get the increased viewership and follow count advertised during the transaction.

It’s also quite obvious to the Insta community when an account has purchased interactions. Even if the service provider delivers and the account doesn’t get a ban for breaching terms, it may lead to other users calling the profile out as a bot.

Unfortunately, when it comes to increasing Instagram views and followers, there are no purchasable shortcuts for legitimate growth. Anyone looking to boost Instagram interactions should instead focus on the frequency, content, and quality of their posts. Monitoring popular themes and trends, then sharing relevant posts with the associated hashtags is a good way to get more views. If the posts are of high quality, new viewers might drop a follow to see more.

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