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Hitman 3 | How to change shoulder view

Hitman 3 is a very complicated game, owing mostly to the vast number of moving pieces in each location. However, it also has a fairly complex control scheme, particularly on PC. This is why some players are getting confused when trying to figure out how to change shoulder view. There is a shoulder swap button, but it doesn’t function the way most you may be expecting. Here’s what you need to know.

How to change shoulder view in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 - How to swap shoulder view - change perspective

To change the shoulder view in Hitman 3, either press in the left analog stick on your controller or press V on the keyboard. Note that you can only swap shoulder while aiming. Otherwise, the default camera perspective is over the right shoulder.

These are the buttons to press to change shoulder in Hitman 3:

  • PlayStation: L3
  • Xbox: LS
  • PC: V
  • Nintendo Switch: Left Stick

Again, remember that you can only swap the perspective while aiming. Previous games in the World of Assassination trilogy allowed players to change shoulder perspectives at any time. However, in the latest release, it only works with a firearm drawn. Some players have posited that this is a bug, but it may instead have something to do with the game’s VR support.

Unfortunately, it means that some players will need time to adjust. The game is no longer fully ambidextrous, which may be disorienting to those used to moving and aiming over the left shoulder. It’s possible that the developers at IO Interactive may provide a way to change perspectives in a future update, but for now, things seem to be locked into the default position.

To swap shoulder view in Hitman 3, simply press in the left joystick on your controller. PC players need to press the V key on the keyboard. It only works while aiming a weapon, but this small change in perspective could be crucial to when it comes to completing a mission.