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Helldivers Weapon Guide

Weapon Guide

P-2 Peacemaker
  • The P-2 pistol is your average standard issue sidearm. It fulfills the role of a last backup in case of ammunition shortage, and fills the void of a one-handed weapon if the Helldiver is incapacitated or carrying important objects.
  • Upgrades: Armor-piercing ammunition, extended magazine, burst fire

AR-19 Liberator

  • Fully automatic assault rifle. Reliable and powerful, it's good for dealing with most threats.
  • Upgrades: Bayonet, recoil absorber, extended magazine

AR-22C Patriot

  • A carbine version of the Liberator, it has a slightly extended magazine and much higher fire rate. Seldom used since the ammunition expenditure is far higher than any other Helldiver weapon.
  • Upgrades: Bayonet, recoil absorber, extended magazine

SG-225 Breaker

  • A reliable low-maintenance, automatic shotgun. Perfect for quickly taking out unarmored targets and handy for close encounters.
  • Upgrades: Increased range, flechette rounds

SMG-45 Defender

  • A lower caliber, rapid fire weapon that is compact and easy to handle. The Helldiver's mobility while aiming is higher when using this weapon.
  • Upgrades: Mini-stun ammunition, armor-piercing ammunition

LAS-5 Scythe

  • This continuous beam weapon consumes no ammunition unless it overheats. The weapon needs to be loaded with emergency heat dump canisters to fire.
  • Upgrades: Heat capacity, heat sink, laser overcharge, increased overcharge

LHO-63 Camper

  • This high caliber, semi-automatic, marksman rifle is great for taking out larger targets with a few well-placed shots. The LHO-63 is part of the Ranger equipment kit.
  • Upgrades: High power ammunition, increased rate of fire

AR-20L Justice

  • The combat rifle was created to aid Helldivers in battle when they need a higher caliber rifle. The magazine carries less rounds than the Liberator assault rifle but each round is of a higher caliber, effective against medium armored targets.
  • Upgrades: Bayonet, extended magazine, recoil absorber, penetrator rounds

SG-8 Punisher

  • The first shotgun used by the Helldivers is still in action by certain groups of soldiers, it has a low spread that can deal massive damage to single targets. A quirk compared to other weapons is that each shell has to be loaded manually as it has an internal magazine.
  • Upgrades: Extended magazine, extended barrel

DBS-2 Double Freedom

  • With two barrels and two triggers, this shotgun can fire both its shells at an incredible rate of fire, great for taking out large groups of enemies or single targets at short range.
  • Upgrades: Sawed Off, phosphorus rounds

MP-98 Knight SMG

  • With the highest rate of fire in the arsenal, this weapon is often used by the defense ministry on Super Earth for rapidly incapacitating groups of wrong-thinkers.
  • Upgrades: Mini-stun ammunition, armor-piercing ammunition

RX-I Rail Gun

  • High powered weapon effective vs. armored enemies, fires super charged armor piercing ammunition.
  • Upgrades: Unstoppable rounds, stun rounds

AC-3 Arc Thrower

  • The Arc Thrower projects an arc of lightning that follows the path of least resistance. The weapon can be charged up for a more powerful effect.
  • Upgrades: Faster charge, Increased range