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How to restart GTA 5 Story mode

Many of Rockstar’s games automatically load saves, and this includes Grand Theft Auto 5. This can make it tough to find out how to restart story mode in GTA 5. There’s no new game plus in GTA 5, so those that want to start from the beginning must find out how to do so from the menu.

How do you restart GTA 5 from the beginning?

Restart Story Mode GTA 5

Since GTA 5 doesn’t have the typical start screen most games have, it’s not immediately apparent how players can restart story mode. Each time the game boots, it loads into the latest save. To restart GTA 5 from the beginning, players must:

  • Enter the pause menu.
  • Scroll to the “Game” tab.
  • Choose “New Game” and confirm the selection.

Following the above instructions will start the GTA 5 story from the beginning cutscene. This is a complete restart, and the player won’t retain any of their money or purchased items. Fortunately, if a user does this by mistake, they can load their previous story mode by going to “Load Game” in the same tab.

How to start a new character in GTA Online

The method used to start a new character in GTA Online is similar. To do so:

  • Enter GTA Online
  • Pause the game.
  • Scroll to the “Online” tab.
  • Select “Swap character.”
  • Confirm the selection.

This will take players back to the lineup screen, and they can either select from their existing characters or start a new one.

One thing to note with starting a new GTA Online character is that a user’s bank account is shared. So, a new character will be able to withdraw money from the bank that previous characters have deposited. This allows players to get a jump start in the game. Players can also skip the tutorial missions as long as one of their other characters is at level 100 or higher.