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Cyber Shadow New Game Plus | Does it have NG+?

A Cyber Shadow New Game Plus mode would significantly help with its replayabilty since it would allow players to start over with all of Shadow’s endgame moves. Many games have it and also get longer lives because of it. So does is there a Cyber Shadow NG+ mode? If so, how do players start it?

Is there a Cyber Shadow New Game Plus mode?

Cyber Shadow New Game Plus | Does it have NG+?

There is currently no Cyber Shadow New Game Plus mode. Those who want to start a NG+ save with all of Shadow’s moves are out of luck. Once players roll the credits, the only option is to start a fresh save as defeating the difficult final boss only sends to the room right before said fight.

Cyber Shadow does have a chapter select but it isn’t quite what players might expect. Going back to a chapter via the chapter select terminals through each level does not replay the chapter. Instead, it merely lets players run around that area and collect collectibles and revisit areas they might have missed the first time through. Bosses do not respawn so the player can’t chapter select to the first chapter and go from there and make a pseudo-New Game Plus mode.

This also makes a lot of the trophies and achievements unobtainable after the initial opportunity has passed. Many of them are tied to bosses so defeating them locks players out of these rewards (called “Feats” in the game). The only way, as of now, to get a lot of these trophies is to start over and get these trophies or achievements on a fresh save.

Mechanical Head, which is headed by Aarne Hunziker, has not commented on the possibility of New Game Plus. It is probably not out of the question but it is safe for players to not anticipate such a feature coming later. This article will be updated if such a mode is announced.