How to fix Robinhood ‘A similar ach relationship already exists’ error

Trading app Robinhood is showing some users an error message saying “A similar ach relationship already exists.” This is reported to appear on both iOS and Android devices when attempting to deposit funds to buy more stock. This error is preventing users from getting more money to spend, which is obviously frustrating for those looking to quickly jump on a trend. Thankfully, there’s a simple Robinhood “A Similar ach relationship already exists” error fix.

Robinhood ‘A similar ach relationship already exists’ error fix

Robinhood 'A similar ach relationship already exists' error fix

To fix the Robinhood “A similar ach relationships already exists” error, users will want to unlink their bank account before then adding it again.

Errors like this are not uncommon. It’s sometimes a weird glitch, while at other times it can be because the bank account is no longer supported by the app. It can also be because a Robinhood account has already been set up and linked to that bank account.

If the error persists and you have a different bank account available to use, unlink the account that isn’t working and then link the new account. This may solve the problem.

If all of the above fails, reaching out to Robinhood on their support number at  650-940-2700 would be the next best idea.

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