Balan Wonderworld Bonus Costumes | How to unlock Blue, Star, X, Steam Launcher outfits

The free Balan Wonderworld demo is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. It boasts a generous two hours of content, but also four platform-specific bonus costumes to unlock for use in the full game. So, here’s how to unlock the Blue Launcher, Star Launcher, X Launcher, and Steam Launcher Balan Wonderworld bonus costumes.

Balan Wonderworld Bonus Costumes | How to get all platform-specific outfits

Balan Wonderworld bonus costumes

Left to right: Steam Launcher, Blue Launcher, Star Launcher, X Launcher

From the mind of Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka, Balan Wonderworld looks set to whisk players away to a whimsical land of adventure. The full game — release date March 26, 2021 — will feature 12 magical worlds, three of which are available to play in the Balan Wonderworld free trial. By taking the game for a spin, players can unlock unique skins depending on their platform of choice.

 Balan Wonderworld platform-specific bonus costumes list

  • Blue Launcher — Play the Balan Wonderworld demo on PS5 or PS4
    • The Blue Launcher costume shoots blue bullets to the front when standing still.
  • Star Launcher — Play the Balan Wonderworld demo on Nintendo Switch
    • The Star Launcher costume shoots sparkling star bullets to the front when standing still.
  • X Launcher — Play the Balan Wonderworld demo on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One
    • The X Launcher costume shoots green, glowing X-shaped bullets to the front when standing still.
  • Steam Launcher— Play the Balan Wonderworld demo on PC via Steam 
    • The Steam Launcher costume shoots three linked valve-shaped bullets to the front when standing still.

The bullets shot from each of the four bonus demo outfits can defeat enemies and destroy blocks.

All of the costumes will be available in the finished version of Balan Wonderworld on release day, though users must play the full game on the same platform as the demo. Additionally, demo saved data must be present for the game to read and recognize before granting the unlock.

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