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Destruction AllStars | Can you play solo Mayhem and Gridfall with party friends?

Destruction AllStars brings multiplayer car combat to the PS5 masses today, with the PS Plus release introducing us to its colorful cast of all-stars as they duke it across the game’s multiple modes. Two of these modes, Mayhem and Gridfall, inform players that they are solo experiences, but is there any way to play them with friends in a party?

How to play Destruction AllStars Mayhem and Gridfall with party friends

destruction allstars can you play solo gridfall mayhem party friends

Destruction AllStars‘ Mayhem and Gridfall are listed as solo modes, meaning that they do not place you in a team-based, 8 vs 8 battle like the game’s other modes. Given that only one player can be crowned the winner in these modes, you are not allowed to enter these modes as part of a party with your friends.

This is to ensure that a party of players cannot enter one of these modes and rig the results in order to farm XP. As such, it isn’t currently possible to play Mayhem and Gridfall with your friends. If you party up, only the game’s team-based modes will be accessible to you, with the game requiring that you leave your party altogether if you wish to start matchmaking a game in either of its solo modes.

So will it be possible to play Mayhem and Gridfall with your friends in a party in the future? The only possible way to ensure that this could be done without it causing issues would be for private lobbies to be rolled out, where players could play with one another without gaining XP. However, at the time of this writing, there are no announced plans to bring private lobbies to the game.

Destruction AllStars has been released as one of this month’s free PS Plus games along with Control: Ultimate Edition, which recently won our Editors’ Choice award. In other PS5 news, an upcoming firmware update has reportedly been outed, while God of War is set to receive a big upgrade for the current-gen console.