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What time do PS Plus games change on PS5 and PS4?

PS Plus games rotate out each month on PS5 and PS4, with new games added to the service that subscribers can download and play for free. The February 2021 games include Destruction AllStarsControl: Ultimate Edition, and Concrete Genie, all set to release this week. But what time do PS Plus games change and go live in the US and UK?

What time do PS Plus games go live?

ps plus games release time

The PS Plus release time for games varies each month, though there are general times when the PlayStation Store updates and the games are pushed live.

Here’s when the PS Plus games usually change each month:

  • 12 PM ET (US)
  • 9 AM PT (US)
  • 3 PM GMT (UK)

Subscribers can check-in to see if the free games are available by individually searching them on the PS Store, as often the games are updated individually before Sony releases an official announcement that the free games have gone live. Alternatively, users can wait for the announcement on the PS Store homepage on both PS5 and PS4.

If a game is scheduled to become a free PS Plus release at a certain date, yet it still displays as a paid game on this date, then the PS Store update has yet to be deployed by Sony. This means that purchasing the game will still charge the user, as it will only become free once the update has been made and it has been added to the PS Plus library.

February 2021 is a big month for PS Plus, with Destruction AllStars originally set to be a paid launch game for the PS5, before being transformed into a free game for the service’s subscribers. Developer Lucid Games Limited is hoping that the removal of a price point will see the game receiving a wider audience than it would have done previously, perhaps emulating the success seen by the likes of Rocket League and Fall Guys.