Fall Guys is the most-downloaded PS Plus game of all time

Fall Guys sales have passed 7 million units on Steam in just one month, and that’s not all — both Devolver Digital and PlayStation have confirmed that Fall Guys is the most-downloaded PS Plus game of all time.

“As of today, Fall Guys is the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time on a global basis,” read a tweet from PlayStation’s UK account. “Congrats to @Mediatonic!”

“Completely blown away by this!” stated the Fall Guys Twitter in kind. “[It’s] so amazing and overwhelming to see how many people, of all ages, all around the world, have been enjoying Fall Guys!”

The popularity of Fall Guys was pretty well known, and now it’s undeniable. With millions of downloads on PS Plus, who knows how many PlayStation sales, and 7 million sales on Steam, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be enjoying running around as these adorable beans for quite a long time.

Fall Guys sales are phenomenal, but this is far from the end of its journey. Now, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital need to invest that money into developing new content that fans are hungry for. The true make-or-break point will likely be at the end of Season 1 in just over a month.