Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Xbox One Cheats


General Tips
  • Don't use healing herbs until you really need to, as there are only so many to find in each episode.
  • Also keep an eye out on your ammo; save your best weapons for the tougher enemies.
  • Remember than you can do a quick 180 degree turn when you find yourself cramped in tight spaces.
  • Keep an eye out for items and collectibles, especially the custom parts that allow you to upgrade weapons.
  • Natalia's special ability is great for a stealthier approach, so use it often to get the jump on enemies.
  • Remember to shine Moira's flashlight to reveal objects on shelves and in corners.
  • Focus on one character in Raid mode at first to become familiar with it and to obtain more skills/upgrades.
  • Kill all enemies in Raid mode to get an experience bonus at the end of a level.
  • It's always good to have a combination of close-range and long-range weapons in Raid mode, so consider a handgun/shotgun combo or something similar.
  • Complete ALL 4 episodes in No Escape mode to unlock Infinite Ammo for ALL Weapons.

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Item Combinations

  • Alcohol + Empty Bottle = Firebomb Bottle
  • Cloth + Alcohol = Disinfectant
  • Cloth + Green Herb = Tourniquet
  • Gunpowder + Empty Bottle = Explosive Bottle
  • Odorous Chemical + Empty Bottle = Decoy Bottle
  • Smoke Powder + Empty Bottle = Smokebomb Bottle



Three Women and a BarryClear Episode One.
Less Talking, More WalkingClear Episode One in Countdown Mode.
Not Even Close to EasyClear Episode One in Invisible Mode.
Only Good Guys Win MedalsGet all medals in Episode One.
Bounty HunterGet a total of 50,000 BP.
Cure for the AfflictedDefeat 100 Afflicted in the main campaign.
Revenant ReaperDefeat 100 Revenants in the main campaign.
Knifin' AroundDefeat 100 enemies with the knife in the main campaign.
Fudge Them Up!Defeat 50 enemies with physical attacks in the main campaign.
And STAY DownPerform 50 follow-ups in the main campaign.
From the ShadowsDefeat 20 enemies with stealth attacks in the main campaign.
Flashlight DutyUse Moira's light to stun 50 enemies in the main campaign.
I Can Do Blunt WeaponsUse Moira's crowbar to defeat 50 enemies in the main campaign.
Brick LayerDefeat 20 enemies with a brick as Natalia in the main campaign.
Cutting EdgeClear Episode One only using the knife.
Line Em Up!Defeat two enemies with one shot in the main campaign.
DisarmedDestroy 30 Revenants' weapon arms.
Unfriendly SkiesShoot down 30 Afflicted in mid-jump in the main campaign.
Now That's Teamwork!Have Moira stun an enemy and Claire follow up with a physical attack in the main campaign.
Friend IndeedSave your captured partner ten times in the main campaign.
Fish in a BarrelDefeat five enemies with one exploding bottle or one firebomb bottle in the main campaign.
Raiders of the EvilClear one Raid Mode mission.
Jammin'Evaluate an item in Raid Mode.
I Saw, I ConqueredClear one Gauntlet in Raid Mode.
Scared to DeathClear Episode Two.
Run Moira. Run!Clear Episode Two in Countdown Mode.
That's Gonna Be FunClear Episode Two in Invisible Mode.
There's a Medal for ThatGet all medals in Episode Two.
"I Do Not Like Glasps," I GaspedDefeat 20 Glasps in the main campaign.
Conquered FearClear Episode Three.
Pedal to the MetalClear Episode Three in Countdown Mode.
I Can See Undead PeopleClear Episode Three in Invisible Mode.
Sweet, Golden MedalGet all medals in Episode Three.
True or FalseClear Episode Four.
You Are Authorized to PanicClear Episode Four in Countdown Mode.
There's Something in HereClear Episode Four in Invisible Mode.
I'm Not Leaving Without My MedalGet all medals in Episode Four.
Who Needs Fire?Escape from the detention center in Claire's Episode One without using the flame-thrower bust.
Pedro, I'm Sorry...Defeat Mutant Pedro in Claire's Episode Two.
Here's My ResignationMoira defeats Neil in Claire's Episode Three.
A Ripple in TimeObtain the item that lies beyond the gate in the sewers in Barry's Episode Three.
What You Can't See Can Kill YouDefeat six or more Glasps in the monument in Claire's Episode Four, on Normal difficulty or higher.
Routes of Future PastComplete both routes through the landfill in Barry's Episode Four.