TikTok | How to use the Ted Talk filter

There was a point in time not so long ago when TED Talks were all the rage. Now, TikTok users can put that excitement to good use by way of the popular Ted Talk filter. This effect mimics the style of TED conferences, allowing users to offer advice that may (or may not) be game-changing. However, figuring out how to use the Ted Talk filter on TikTok involves the use of another social media app entirely. While that might sound confusing, the process is actually quite simple.

How to use the Ted Talk filter in TikTok

How to use the Ted Talk filter in TikTok

The popular Ted Talk filter seen in videos shared on TikTok actually comes from Instagram. To use it, you’ll need to record an Instagram video using the “TOD Talk” filter (yes, that’s how it’s spelled). Once that’s been done, you can then post your Ted Talk filter video over on TikTok.

This is, of course, a bit of a runaround. The Ted Talk filter isn’t available within TikTok itself — at least not yet, anyway. As such, you will need to create a video using the Instagram filter, save it to your device, then share your creation to TikTok. It might seem like an ordeal, but the process isn’t very complicated. Here’s what you need to do.

How to find the Ted Talk filter on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram, then tap on your profile photo in the bottom-right to open your profile
  2. From the top menu, press the Plus (+) icon, then choose to create a new Story
  3. From the camera page, swipe left through all of the filters until you reach the Browse Effects option
  4. Within the Effect Gallery, search for the “TOD Talk” (not TED) filter created by user slimshader__
  5. Tap Try It, then record your video using the filter
  6. Finally, tap the download button in the center of the upper row to save the video to your camera roll

How to use the Ted Talk filter on TikTok

Now that you’ve created a video using the Ted Talk filter, all that’s left to do is share it among your TikTok followers. That part is simple:

  1. Open TikTok, then tap the Plus (+) icon
  2. Tap on the Upload icon next to the recording button
  3. Select your video, then tap next
  4. If desired, add any additional effects, stickers, or filters to your video, then tap next
  5. Finally, choose how and where to share it, then tap Post

If you’re able to follow all of these steps, then you will have successfully used the Ted Talk filter on TikTok. Not only will you be able to offer useful tips to all of your friends, but you’ll be part of an exclusive group of users who actually know how to use this popular filter.