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Rocket League | How to fix Error 42

An unfortunate Rocket League error is preventing players from joining both ranked and casual matches. Appearing as Error 42, this issue pops up when matchmaking can’t be completed. As a result, players will be told their connection failed, with an error message saying “your connection to the game has been lost.” Fortunately, there’s a simple way to fix Error 42 no matter which platform you’re playing on.

How to fix Error 42 in Rocket League

How to fix Error 42 in Rocket League

Error 42 in Rocket League appears when the game can’t load a match in time. This may be caused by slow internet connections or under-powered PC hardware. Other times, it may be caused by server problems. Either way, Error 42 appears when the Rocket League connection failed.

This information comes directly from the Rocket League support website. All of the error codes numbered in the forties correspond to connection issues. In the case of Error 42, the problem appears when the connection itself has failed or otherwise timed out.

Thankfully, this is an easy one to fix. Restarting your console or PC may be enough to do the trick. Otherwise, you’ll want to make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements, and/or that your internet connection is quick enough to load matches successfully. For more details, check out our guide on how to troubleshoot connection issues in Rocket League.

Since PC hardware varies wildly, it will be up to you to make sure you can actually run Rocket League. Still, chances are good that if you’re encountering this error code, you’ve played the game successfully before. In that case, there’s only one real solution: Double check your internet connection. Here’s what to do.

Rocket League Error 42 fix

  1. First, restart your PC or game console
  2. Once rebooted, ensure that your PC or game console has a strong WiFi connection
    • If it doesn’t, try moving the device closer to your router or modem. Alternatively, try using a wired Ethernet connection
  3. Double check that your console or PC can access the internet
  4. Finally, power cycle your router or modem

There’s one more detail that’s worth mentioning. At the time of writing, Error 42 has been appearing in Rocket League at an increased frequency over the past few days. As it so happens, Rocket League received an update just three days ago — and reports of Error 42 started appearing shortly afterward. Since this error is a result of connection issues, it’s entirely possible that the connection failed because of an unexpected server-side problem. If that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do other than wait for the team at Psyonix to fix the problem.

In most cases, Error 42 can be fixed by troubleshooting your internet connection. The connection failed because the game wasn’t able to load the match in time. In rarer cases, it may be that your PC isn’t powerful enough to run the game. Otherwise, this error code could be caused by server problems following game updates. When that happens, there’s no solution other than to wait for a fix from the developers.