Monsu iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

For free diamonds complete various Achievememnts and you'll earn bonuses that could if you are lucky include free diamonds.

Save Diamonds as much as possible to get the Epic card packs, which include rare cards that will aid you even more during the game.

It is possible although rare to get free diamonds by doing bonus missions or from the bonuses that you get over a certain period of time.

Trade in gold to get the standard card packs where there is a chance if you are lucky that you will get a rare or epic card.

Play around with your cards and find a set-up that works for you.

Winged cards are monsters that fly with you and provide assistance. It will give you an extra distance boost.

Spear Attack Magic card lets Monsu throw spears.

Powered Up Magic card increases the duration of the temporary power-ups.

When you run directly into a building it will be destroyed and moved forward slightly. Keep hitting buildings and obstacles in order to defeat enemies that may be hiding behind them.

It's definitely worth chasing the missions, as you get plenty of free stuff for completing them.

Use the social aspects of the game to earn more currency.