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Is there a Valheim Xbox One and Series X|S release date?

Valheim is taking both Steam and Twitch by storm; the early access Norse Viking survival game is already incredibly popular after just one week on the market. Of course, that has console players wondering when the game will come to Xbox. So, is there a Valheim Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S release date? Here’s the latest on a Microsoft console launch for the new Norse survival title.

Is Valheim coming to Xbox One?

Valheim Xbox One

Although the Xbox One is technically a last-generation console now, Valheim’s graphics aren’t particularly impressive. There’s no question that the entire Xbox One family of systems could run the game no problem, but, is the developer looking to release a Valheim Xbox port?

Valheim could come to Xbox One in the future. The developers “won’t rule out console versions” of Valheim, which means it may eventually come to Xbox One.

The Valheim FAQ reveals that the dev team is placing its focus on the Windows and Linux versions for PC right now. An Apple Mac port could come further down the line, “if there is any significant demand for it.” If the deciding factor in developing a console version for Xbox is also based on the level of fan demand, then the chances are looking good right now.

That’s speculation, of course, but watch this space.

Is Valheim coming to Xbox Series X|S?

Valheim Xbox Series X S

A Valheim Xbox Series X|S version might happen in the future. The devs “won’t rule out console versions,” but there’s still no Valheim Xbox Series X|S release date at the time of writing.

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