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Valheim Comfort Levels | Purpose and how to boost

As a survival game, Valheim features many in-depth gameplay systems. The functions of most are self-evident, but others, like comfort, aren’t immediately clear. So, what is the purpose of Valheim comfort levels? How can the level be increased, and what are the benefits? Here’s the need-to-know on boosting comfort in the Norse Viking title for PC.

Valheim comfort level explained

Valheim comfort levels

All survival games feature a harsh environment, but the rugged Norse lands of Valheim can be more dangerous than most. As such, crafting and building a structure in which to stay safe and warm is crucial. This is where the comfort gauge comes into play, as, just like in real life, the more comfortable an environment is the more restful it is to be in.

After crafting a home and placing a fire within it, the structure will become “comfortable.” The Valheim comfort level then increases when players expand the building and introduce more (higher quality) furniture, all while ensuring that the house remains heated and lit. Boosting comfort levels makes the “rested” buff last longer, so players get extra stamina and health regeneration for longer after resting in comfortable locations.

Increased stamina and health regen in Valheim is immensely useful, so it’s definitely worth focusing on the comfort level. Even for players with no interest in home decor, dabbling at the very least will increase the odds of survival outside of the home.

Need help placing fire indoors? Here’s how to add fire to a structure and gain the “comfortable” status effect. The home base is also an ideal location to craft items (like the bow) and repair tools. It’s even possible to tame, breed, and farm animals.

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