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How to craft a bow in Valheim

Melee combat is fun and all, but using bow and arrows for ranged combat can be crucial in Valheim. The first boss will be an initiation for many players, so it’s a good idea to go in with a crafted bow equipped. Keeping that in mind, here’s how to craft a bow in Valheim on PC.

How do you craft a bow in Valheim?

How to craft a bow in Valheim

Iron Gate’s Norse Viking survival game might have somewhat simplistic visuals, but its gameplay systems are very much in-depth. There are various survival and crafting mechanics, but it’s the latter that players will need to get to grips with in order to make a bow in Valheim.

How to make a bow in Valheim

  1. Gather a full stack of 20 Wood.
  2. Collect 8 Leather Scraps by hunting Boar in the Meadows area.
  3. Build and place a Workbench (10x Wood).
    • Open the inventory and select the Hammer.
    • Switch to the “Crafting” tab by pressing the F key.
    • Press the Q or E key and navigate to “Workbench.”
    • Left-click to place down.
  4. Using the Workbench, craft a Crude Bow (10x Wood and 8x Leather Scraps).

Leather Scraps are a guaranteed drop from Boars, so shouldn’t be too hard to come by. Similarly, Wood is a very common resource; fallen branches are on the ground, trees and tree stumps are available to harvest, and certain enemies drop it.

The crude bow makes it possible to hunt deer, but also gives players a ranged option in combat. As Valheim progresses, additional bows of greater quality will become available to craft.

Right now, Valheim is only available via Steam for Windows and Linux. Here’s the latest on potential PlayStation and Xbox versions.

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